A Great Example

hyster*artwork done by Sabrina Johnson

If you are a writer with an invisible illness, it is very likely you have dealt with editorial input about your condition. Comments such as “cut the health stuff” or “we don’t need to hear so much about your health issues” can be majorly triggering for someone who has been made to feel that their experience isn’t valid. There are so many ways health affects your life: relationships, employment opportunities, dietary options, and social situations are only a few examples.

Today, I had an article rejected, because, as I was told: “This is 99% about your health, which has nothing to do with the prompt”, indicating that my recent health issues weren’t relevant to my social life. The prompt had to do with being a flake, socially speaking, and I responded with a piece that was very difficult and embarrassing to write. Such a brutal response to my work would usually send me down a path of second-guessing and self-loathing, but it has only refueled the fire to make this project a reality.

I will share the original piece soon, as part of our Guest Blog series. In the meantime, please send us any rejected stories or essays you wrote about an invisible illness. 🙂


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